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17 Surprising but Little Known Facts About Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is a legend and no one would deny that. We have wondered about his lifestyle and his passionate point of view towards the future and technology. So how much do we actually know about this great man?

Let’s get to know some more about him.

#1. We know that he was thrown out from his own company Apple. And it was 1985. Why did it happen? Some consider it as an outcome of a few arguments between him and John Sculley, who was the CEO of Apple at that time. But the real conversation is unknown to most of us. Steve intended to lower the cost of the underperforming Macintosh at that time and also wanted to shift a large amount of advertising and marketing budget away. Sculley had a disagreement with him. He was saying that it is not about the price, they should change the software specifications to make it more impressive to the customers. So he talked to Board of Directors and eventually it turned into firing Jobs.

#2. The main characters of the movie “Anywhere But Here” was portrayed by Portman and Susan Sarandon. This movie was dedicated to Steve Jobs and was based on a book written by his sister Mona Simpson. The story is based on a mother and daughter. They are two people who are looking for success in Beverly Hills.

#3. Steve Jobs used to take LSD when he was young and he never regretted about it. Even when he was taking part in a book interview, he shared his experiences. He mentioned, “One of the two or three most important things I have done in my life.” Jobs said again, LSD may have made an impact in choosing better design concepts for Apple.

#4. When Steve Jobs graduated from Homestead High School in Cupertino, California he left to study at Reed College.He took only one semester of classes before he chose to be a dropped out. For the subsequent 18 months, he carried on auditing classes that were interesting to him.

#5. Steve Jobs persisted in his salary at $1 since 1997. In that year, he turned out to be Apple’s lead executive. He also made a joke of it, “I get 50 cents a year for showing up, and the other 50 cents is based on my performance.”

#6. Steve Jobs was a pescetarian. That means he only lived on fish, not any meat.

#7. The full name of Steve Jobs is Stephen Paul Jobs.

#8. He was really secretive about his marriage. He got married to Laurene Powell at Yosemite national park in 1991.

#9. Jobs never wanted to present his products in white color. But he was impressed by his designer Jonathan Ive who showed him a shade called moon grey.

#10. His CGPA was 2.65 out of  4, and that is not very good. He chose to learn in his own ways and never liked the structure of traditional educational institutions.

#11. Jobs was a direct mentor of Google founders Larry Page and Sergey.

#12. Apple originally had three founders. Most people thought of the number as two. The founders are Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.

#13. Jobs was always excited about packaging. So, he tried to develop an emotional response while opening the box. Therefore he had a team which used to open boxes enthusiastically to understand the right customer experience.

#14. Previous Apple laptops were accustomed to have the logo wrong way up. Actually it has never been an error; it was for the user friendliness.

#15. Steve Jobs never wrote a single line of code but he is known as one of the greatest minds in tech arena.

#16. He wanted to know the meaning of life. So he went to India for meditation. He was a Zen Buddhist.

#17. Jobs was in a habit of parking in the handicap parking zone all the time.

So, did you really know all these interesting facts about him?