15 Si-Fi Movies that No Tech Lover Should Miss to Watch

Escape. We love to escape, to evade the dark fangs of the world. You open the news and see tragic printed all over it. Death, of body and mind, cruelty, nihilism—that’s the only thing one gets these days while hovering over the happenings of the world.

One can only absorb so much darkness; hence, we take to other means to bring a shot of spark here and there in our lives. Sports and movies are two of the best means to forget everything for a while and live a life that may not be real, but it is perhaps the most real we could ever feel.

Among the movies, what grasps the chords of imagination the most are science-fiction movies. They are thought-provoking and induce a sense of surrealism to put your mind in a state of “what if” for quite a few times.

Science-fiction movies are not everybody’s cup of tea as some dismiss them for being “too unreal.” Perhaps, their realism binds their minds to very small boundaries which they are afraid to cross even for the sake of imagination.

However, this article is not for them. This one is for people who love movies that challenges their mind to think out of the box, to ponder on the vivid world of imagination. This one is a list of the 15 sci-fi movies for Tech lovers

Note: Both the Star Trek and Star Wars series have been excluded because they would almost fill up the whole list on their own. However, anyone who hasn’t watched them yet should quickly sit down and lose themselves in the beautiful darkness.


#1. Dark City (1998)

Dark City (1998)

We start off with a highly underrated movie that totally blew my mind off. If you haven’t watched this yet, leave whatever it is that you are doing and start watching this. The cast isn’t a star-studded one, with Jennifer Connelly being the brightest one, but they sure don’t disappoint with some exceptional performances.

More than the acting, it was the plot that really stood out. A thought-provoking one, you will really feel befuddled after a watch. Memories. It is the basis of our lives and it is precisely on them that this movie is made. And that’s just about what I can reveal without spoiling it for you.

Honestly, I was in shock and a state of distress after watching the movie. “What if,” was the question in my mind. What if what, you might ask. Well, that’s for you to know—and I am sure you will find yourself asking the same thing.


#2. The Matrix (1999)

The Matrix (1999)

A science-fiction that hasn’t watched this masterpiece from the Wachowski brothers is no fan at all. While I might sound condescendingly judgmental, it is true: The Matrix is a must-watch movie for anyone who labels themselves as a Sci-fi fan.

A brilliantly acted thought-out movie, one will definitely start thinking deeper about life after a thorough watch. Is everything real? Or just fake like a mirage of water in the desert?

Well, I don’t have a assured answer for any of those aforementioned questions, but what I do have is a verdict, that this movie is one of the greatest ever made in general, let alone in the field of science fiction.


#3. Predestination (2014)

Predestination (2014)

How this movie isn’t more talked of, only God knows. If Predestination had the tag of ‘directed by Christopher Nolan,’ many would have swooned over it. Nonetheless, this one of the most brilliant results of a creative mind that we will ever see.

One could find a Unicorn at the edge of a rainbow with some diligence while searching. However, what one can’t find is a movie in which Ethan Hawke didn’t put in an incredibly intense performance.

Right from his introverted character in Dead Poets Society to this sophisticated time-travelling agent here, he pulls this off in an emphatic fashion. The storyline, with its twists and turn, will leave your head spinning like a windmill and it will take a couple of days for the entire thing to sink in.


#4. Interstellar (2014)

Interstellar (2014)

Directed by Christopher Nolan. That’s all that’s need to be said about this. Oh, and if that is not enough, Matthew McConaughey and Anna Hathaway play starring roles in this mind-boggling sci-fi thriller.

What stands about this movie, about from eye-catching graphics, is the fine details and scientific accuracy that Nolan displayed. It just goes to show the amount of work he put in to make this happen.

The physics of this movie is so convincing that some University professors are using it to teach their students. Make sure you watch it in the best print to enjoy it fully, if you already haven’t. Chances are, you have.


#5. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

I have never been much of a fan of movies with a lot of apes in it trying to fight Humans in order to survive. However, this one is an exception as the plot and the potential realism is exceedingly catchy.

The day isn’t far, it seems, when a scientist’s ‘experiment’ will give apes human-level intelligence—which they will as a means to survive. However, with human intelligence also comes the ability to do the unpredictable, the very basis of the human nature.

And this is where Dawn of the Planet of the Apes displays a sheer form of reality. Without revealing anything anymore, all I would recommend is to watch this movie with the volume in full. It’s dark and gritty, but there is always a ray of hope.


#6. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

2001 A Space Odyssey (1968)

This one is not for the impatient. Or people who like succinctness. If you are planning to watch this with friends, don’t. If you are hoping for inter-galactic space action, don’t. If you want yourself to be entertained to the edge of you seat and have picked this movie in expectations of that, don’t.

However, if you love film-making, art, fine and down to the last fabric details, then this masterpiece from Stanley Kubrick should be the first movie in your sci-fi list. The fact that he made something like this—the artwork using CGI—in the late 60s is alone, in itself, the work of a genius.

Plot-wise, it is extremely slow as Kubrick makes sure that he misses out absolutely nothing while depicting his view on space. You need to watch this with an open mind and incredible patience—and only then will you enjoy it. But if you call yourself a sci-fi freak, this one is just for you.


#7. Equilibrium (2002)

Equilibrium (2002)

Oh, Christian Bale. Can this man ever disappoint? I guess not. Right from a child artist in the Empire of the Sun to a dark hero in Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Bale has played a number of diverse roles to engrave his name in the best actors of all-time list.

And this movie further demonstrates his versatility as an actor. In a dystopian world where people are banned from feeling—yes, just imagine that—he plays the role of an officer who looks and takes out ‘sense offenders’; in other words, people who can feel.

He played this complex character with absolute magnificence and perhaps the only performance that tops this is his role in the American Psycho. However, apart from his acting, the plot is brilliant and will make movie-goers think—with some even believing that the world could be better off without feelings.


#8. Terminator 2 (1991)

Terminator 2 (1991)

I watched this movie as a child. It was my first sci-fi movie and I absolutely loved it. Arnold Schwarzenegger became my idol and still remains one, and it is largely thanks to this movie.

As someone who comes to past in order to eliminate people who pose a threat to the human race, he plays the role of a robot while perfectly sugarcoating it with a human aspect. Like every top sci-fi movie, Terminator 2 reveals some very interesting thoughts and scenarios that could make the out-of-the-box thinker a happy bunny.


#9. Inception (2010)

Inception (2010)

All movies that were made by Christopher Nolan are masterpieces. However, if I had to choose one as his best, Inception would be it.

With a stellar cast consisting of highly talented actors like Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon Levitt and, of course, Leonardo di Caprio, Inception is the stuff made of dreams—just like its plot. Nolan’s mind is not an average one, and this movie is just another testament to that, as he tinkers with dreams—and how important they can be to some people.

If a list of the greatest movie ending is made, then Inception will top the list. Hands down.


#10. Back to the Future Trilogy (1990)

Back to the Future Trilogy (1990)

This is effectively 3 movies under one. If you haven’t watched this scintillating trilogy yet, then watch it. The thing with time-travel movies is that they could be highly inaccurate scientifically if it is not well researched.

However, despite being a time-travel movie of the 70s, there are little to no scientific errors and loopholes in the movie. Also, it is one hilarious movie with many comical scenes that will throw you off your seat due to excess laughter.


#11. Avatar (2009)

Avatar (2009)

James Cameron is known for his extravagant and unparalleled mind when it comes to film-making artistry. With Titanic, he blew up the box office with a flurry of cash influx and he did the same again with Avatar.

The story is intriguing and craftily intertwined with romantic and morality aspects of the human nature. What stands out, however, is the screenplay and the mesmerizing artwork surrounding the movie. All in all, this one is a fun ride, something one shouldn’t miss out on.


#12. X-MEN: Days of the Future Past (2014)

X-MEN Days of the Future Past (2014)

Many might not classify this as a sci-fi movie, but with time-travel elements in it, it just makes it as one. Despite being a super-hero movie of the Marvel cinematic universe, the dark and gritty depicture sets the tone of the movie as a sci-fi one.

As Wolverine’s conscience is sent to the past to undo the wrong done by Raven, we see different and an entirely plausible way to time-travel. In fact, of all the time-travel movies I have ever, this method seems the most convincing than going inside a machine and getting basined to the past or future.

Also, this is the finest comic-book adaption movie I have seen after the Batman trilogy. The cast is filled with stars, the story with necessary humor and THAT scene showing the awesomeness of Quicksilver. This movie is worth watching for that scene alone.


#13. WALL-E (2008)

WALL-E (2008)

Human beings are generally lazy. And that is why Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world. So what if we become so dependent on AI that we cease all physical activities and just lie on our backs all day?

If you want to know, then all you have to do is watch this superb 3D animation movie that gives a grim, yet highly real, possibility on the future of our race. Of course, very few movies leave you without hope, and there isn’t any exception here as there is hope. For us all.


#14. Looper (2012)

Looper (2012)

This is another one of your mind-boggling time-travelling sci-fi thriller movie. How far can you go for love? Can you kill others? Or are you willing to take your own life for the betterment of others?

Such dilemmas are well documented in the movie when our main character fails to ‘close the loop’ by not being able to kill his future self, who is on a mission to save his love. Ultimately, it all falls in a loop and a decision has to be made. Love or humanity?

Watch it to find out.


#15. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Jim Carrey is synonymous to comedy movies and Kate Winslett to appearing nude. However, when both of them go out of their comfort zones, the result is a fine sci-fi movie that’s more ‘internal’ than anything.

Not being able to be with someone you love dearly, even more than yourself, is perhaps the worst most painful feeling that can be. Many people kill themselves as the result of a failure to bear it. This movie depicts that pain in a great fashion, but also another thing: you might be able to erase everything, but feelings can never be erased.

Especially if those feelings are love.