13 Best Amusement Parks in California that will Blow Your Mind

If you wish to add some really cool stuff to your bucket list, and if it has to be around the best amusement parks in California, then here’s it. California is full of beaches, but it is as much full of amusement parks in California as well. On the California Map, a look at all of these amusement parks shall surely bring in a smile on your face!

Here’s the list!

#1. Six Flags Magic Mountain

Best known for its huge roller coaster, there is much you can do at this amusement park. This is indeed one of the best amusement parks in California and has rides for both toddlers as well as oldies. From all those thriller rides and roller coasters to fine dining and a shopping space, this amusement park has it all! A day in here is sure going to be a joyous one!Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Goliath is known for having one of the best roller coasters in California; wait for some extra minutes and enjoy to the fullest at the front seats.

#2. Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure

If there’s anything with the perfect picturesque like environment it has to be this place. From the entire list of amusements parks in California this might as well top the list of many, kids and elders alike. Pirates, Jungles, castles, fairy-tale like princesses and oceans, is there anything else you would ask for?

There’s nothing better than in here, for you can enjoy two amusement parks and, not to forget, the baby centres shall help you through!

#3. Wild Water Adventure Park

Best known for its adventurous ride Ghost slider, Wild water is an amusement park where both the young and old can enjoy alike. The ghost slider is super speedy slide which will surely make you go dizzy and drop you down into a pool 7’ deep!

It has one of the best kiddie areas for all the toddlers and so this amusement park is pretty much very well suited for them. Talking about Amusement parks and toddlers, Adventure Bay is the place for them. Other rides include The Blue Wave, Kings river, The black hole and a lot more!

#4. Raging Waters Sacramento

With more than 25 rides and slides of different kinds, this is one of the most flourished water parks in California. You’d probably have the time of your life in here on a holiday!

The park has rides and slides; best of which is Dragon’s Den. For anyone who’s in for a real adventure, this is one of the best things.  Apart from the rides, there are also pools and beaches to chill at, with some really good scenic beauty. To add to this is a beautiful play area giving it just the perfect family holiday touch!

#5. Universal Studios Hollywood

For all the fans of Hollywood out there, you won’t ever find something better than this. There’s magic, there’s speed and there are zombies; all at one place! Kids especially would find nothing better than this for the varied characters present there, and of course, the special shows which run there every day!

#6. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

If there’s a place famous for roller coasters California, then this is it. There are a range of thrills and rides to choose from including pulse-pounding roller coasters as well as mellowed options. To add into that there’s also shows and dine in at the restaurants! You can as well buy souvenirs to remember that evening for future!

#7. Boomerang Bay

Didgeridoo Falls lets five people sail on a raft which is spinning rapidly and sliding rapidly through a series of curves right from the top which is a platform 54ft-tall.
Boomerang Bay is the park in a park kind of place where guests who wish to access the water park will also have to buy the ticket to California’s Great America, a seasonal thrill park next to San Jose. The water thingy is really nice and sufficient, but you can always go in for the roller coasters around!

#8. Acuatica San Diego

The best ride here is the Taumata Racer, which is a 375ft-long racing slide where the guests pit against each other going down the slope followed by a 180-degree banking turn until the finish line.

#9. Knott’s Soak City

Pacific Spin is their best multi-person raft ride featuring a 132ft-long tunnel and 75ft drop into a six-story funnel. Though it has a limited number of slides and a lot (like really lot) of people, there’s a lot surrounding the amusement park such as Knott’s Berry Farm and Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant.

#10. Six Flags Hurricane Harbour

Their best ride is the Bonzai Pipelines, quite like the name suggest is an intense thrill experience where you are dropped into a 50ft through a trap door passing through the 200ft slide course.
Hurricane Harbour has for a long time been listed in the list of best water parks in LA having a number of thrill rides, dive in moves and three raft rides!

#11. Raging Waters San Dimas

Aqua Rocket is their top attractions. As amazing and cool as it sounds, it is a hydro-magnetic slide for four people at the same time and is similar to what we see in a roller coaster having hills and drops at 30mph.

Raging Waters San Dimas is among the most populated water park in the state having 12 high-energy slide attractions and having a list of obstacle courses, wave pools, and may be sometime as well somewhere lose your swimsuit in the wide water! *Okay don’t die laughing*

#12. Knott’s Berry Farm

The Knott’s Berry Farm Supreme Scream ride comes under the category of level 5 “Aggressive Thrill.” If in case this does not scare you enough, you should be because this will be the ultimate ride for you forever. Located on the park’s boardwalk, the 45-second ride hits a top speed of 50 mph as it propels riders 252 feet straight up into the air, you will feel like you’re on Mars because it feels like you’ve gone weightlessness before you’re finally plummeted back to earth.

#13. Legoland California

This Lego-themed amusement park makes use of famous building blocks of plastic in every possible place, which includes the rides as well. Yes! Rides too! Legoland has to offer a session of fun for both old and young visitors, and is, however, best for the families and kids between 4 to 9 years.

So now you have your bucket-list full of amusement and water parks and theme based parks! So when are you starting?

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