Best CPU Overclocking Software

13 Best CPU Overclocking Software [Update 2021]

Are you facing any problem regarding slowing down your CPU? Then you should be feeling upset with the performance of the CPU performance. To solve this problem, you should use the CPU Overclocking Software. The software’s are found both paid and free version. You can solve the problem and get good performance from your CPU. Overclocking software can reduce the problem and make your CPU faster. But all the overclocking software is not showing a good result. Considering your importance, I am going to brief the best CPU overclocking software of this year.

1. MSI Afterburner

The MSI Afterburn overclocking software is a free version. It will help you to overview of your hardware setup by attaching with the graphics card. The MSI Afterburn overclocking software has some specific features. It is free of cost and you have both android and windows versions of the software. You can use it with any type or any brand graphics card. Easy settings of graphics card customizing fan profile can easily be done with this software.

2. EVGA Precision X

EVGA Precision X is one of the best CPU overclocking software. It is very commonly used among gamer. You can edit GPU clock offset and Memory clock offset with this software. You can use it for GUI improvement and maximizing performance. Only verified customers can use this software. The file size is 50 MB.

3. AMD Overdrive

AMD overdrive software can be used as an overclocking software if you have an AMD processor. It will help you to get an area time overview and adjust the voltage of the CPU. An overclocking AMD CPU software can improve your GUI performance, and provide you performance maximization and also cooling maximization. The file size is 30.4 MB.

4. Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

The Intel Extreme Tuning Utility is a very useful overclocking software for beginners. It is very easy to use and supports all intel processors. This overclocking intel CPU software can monitor the changes in the system and analyze the temperature. The file size of the  Intel Extreme Tuning Utility is 28.02 MB.

5. CPU-Z and GPU-Z

If you want to know about the detail report of GPU, Processor and Motherboard, CPU-Z and GPU-Z will be a great overclocking software. This is considered one of the best overclocking software. For better CPU performance, analyzing the system change is its main feature. The file size of the overclocking software is `1,855 KB.

6. CPU Tweaker and Memset

The CPU Tweaker and Memset is very advance level CPU overclocking software and very complicated also. You need to understand a lot of things regarding the CPU overclocking tool for utilizing the software. The file size is 436 Kb.

7. SAPHIRe Trixx Utility

The SAPHIRe Trixx Utility software is only applicable for AMD graphics cards. It will help you to change Core clock, CPU memory clock, etc. this feature makes it one of the best CPU overclocking software. You get the best performance from the software. The file size is 2.3 MB.

8. SetFSB

SetFSB is a unique overclocking software that helps you to change the front BUS system of your device. It will help you to increase the boosting of your device and provide the best performance by speedy the CPU.

9. NVIDIA Inspector

The NVIDIA Inspector is one of the best overclocking software. It is generally used for increasing the performance of the GPU. It can reduce power assumption as well as its a user-friendly software. It is free to use. But the software is not applicable for monitoring temperature. The file size in the zip format is 287 KB.

10. ASUS GPU Tweak

ASUS GPU Tweak helps you to monitor CPU voltage. The core clock and a memory clock of GPU are also perfectly monitored by the overclocking software. This could be one of the best CPU overclocking software for you. You can analyze the system by using this software.

11. Intel Desktop Control Centre

Intel Desktop Control Centre is a processor and memory controlled CPU overclocking software. Single clicked and it is an official software tool. This is a limited version. The file size is 12.6 MB.

12. RIVA Tuner

If you want a great performance of your laptop, RIVA Tuner is preferable. It supports both NVIDIA and ATI. The tool has a built-in registry editor that allows making change anything at any time. It is a performance maximizer software. The file size is 2.6 MB. 

13. ATI Tray Tools

ATI Tray Tools is one kind of overclocking software that allows users to overclock GPU and RAM. It is designed especially with ATI Cards. You will get 3D output and it is easy to use. This overclocking software supports all windows versions. The software is a well-known tweaker application. The main feature of the software is it is easy tweaking and monitor temperature excellent. The file size is 1073 KB.

For getting a speedy performance and boosting your system, the CPU overclocking software is necessary. Recently, this software not only boosts the performance but also monitors the whole system and helps to identify the changes that have been made. For gamer, it is playing a vital role in performance maximization. In the coming days, we are expecting more powerful and better-featured CPU overclocking software. 

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