10 Best Egg Poacher Reviews [Update 2021]

This is a call to all the egg-lovers out there. How much do you love eggs and what is your favorite way of having eggs? If your answer is poached eggs, you are in the right place. When you talk about protein-rich foods, eggs will always be on the top of the list. Eggs are must haves in your daily breakfast chart. They help you to keep your body and mind function properly throughout the day. There are plenty of ways to get your eggs cooked. But the best and most traditional way of cooking is egg poach where you can add spice or leave it as you may. Why take the hassle when you can have some easy ways of getting your eggs poached? A new way is available to help you get your favorite egg dish within minutes without you having to do much. Keeping your busy schedule in mind, egg poacher has been invented to get you an early breakfast without you having to compromise the taste. 

While you are planning to get your hands on this beautiful invention, there are certain things to bear in mind before purchasing. Firstly, as this will be a new thing for you to use, check whether the egg poacher has an easy manual or is convenient to use. Mostly poached eggs are a bit of hassle to clean up so check whether the cleaning process is easy. Next, multi-purpose functioning products are the best and egg poachers cups are supposed to be detachable. Thus the entire big pan can be used for doing something else after the cups are removed. Then check whether the material of the egg poacher is hazard-free. The healthier and safe you eat, the better it is for you. Lastly, do pay attention to the durability of the product. 

As you got more than enough ideas about egg poachers and how the best egg poachers should be, it is time to move on to the product itself. Here is a list of some of the best egg poachers which you would not miss while looking for your perfect match of egg poacher:  

List of Best Egg Poacher

1. Eggssentials Poached Egg Maker 8541903902 

This is one of the best pans for poaching eggs for the non-stick nature of the pans. It can make upto six poached eggs at a time making your life easier. It has got larger pans compared to others and provides high quality poaching experience. Once you are done with the work, it is easier to clean up. Thus, this is the best egg poacher you have been looking into. 

High quality materialHandle might get loose
Larger potsPlastic parts might stink
High quality poaching
Safe and easy to use
Multi-purpose pan

2. Nordic Ware Egg Poacher 697818

This is one of the best egg poachers which will make your breakfast ready within minutes. Once you are done cooking, the poached eggs are easy to remove and then easy to clean up. This product is dishwasher safe and durable. It is particularly designed for a microwave oven and the cooking also depends on the microwave to a greater extent.  

Easy to useEggs remained half cooked
Easy to cleanBad product design
Dishwasher safe
Good product quality

3. ExcelSteel Egg Poacher 522

What can be a better option for extracting eggs without any hassle other than non-stick pans? This is one of the best egg poachers you can find which is made of durable stainless steel and is super easy to use. It can instantly make you a healthy breakfast with six poached eggs at a time. This product is dishwasher safe. 

Easy to useLid is too small to fit over the egg pans
Durable stainless steelDesign is not good
Nonstick coated egg cups
Dishwasher safe
Multi-purpose pan

4. Dash Egg Cooker DEC012BK

A multipurpose egg cooker has to be a favorite as it can get you boiled, scrambled, or poached eggs along with making omelets. It is one of the best egg poachers which is very quick and easy to use. It acts as a great help for big families where you can make your egg recipes in minutes. Along with the egg cooker machine comes a poaching tray, omelet bowl, measuring cup, egg holder trays, recipe book and database access. 

Quick and very easy to useQuality is not that good compared to price
Includes different components
Warranty service
Alternative appliance clutter
Prevents overcooking

5. Dash Electric Egg Cooker DEC005BK

Almost similar to the above mentioned one, but a little compact and lightweight. This is also one of the best egg poachers you can ask for. It is very quick and easy to use and a perfect choice for big families. It includes multiple things along with the cooker itself and contains six egg poacher cups. 

Quick and very easy to useNon-durable
Includes different components
Warranty service
Perfect for a large family

6. Maxi-Matic Electric Egg Poacher EGC-007

Here again, this is not a single egg poacher. This is one of the best egg poachers which has multi-purpose functioning. It can help you boil, poach or scramble eggs along with making omelets. To prevent overcooking there is an auto shutoff option and a buzzer to let you know that the cooking is done. 

Quick and easy to useNon-durable
Cooks 7 eggs at a timeEggs stay under cooked
Compact design
Includes components
Warranty service

7. OXO Eye Poachers 11207000

This comes in a traditional design which portrays the water bath poaching method. The shape is best fit to give the perfect round shape of the poached eggs without the yolks being destroyed. It comes in a set of two and is made up of heat resistant material. 

High heat resistant siliconeVery hard to clean
Quick and easy to useHoles are too big
Hole pattern optimization
Traditional design

8. Cuisipro Egg Poacher

It is one of the best single egg poachers you might be looking for. It is very cute in size and has a stainless steel handle for easy use. The hook is adjustable for different pot sizes and helps you cook at ease. It is designed in a manner to keep the water surrounding the poached egg and prevents it from spreading. 

Stainless steel easy handleSticks are terrible
Perfectly designedHard to clean
Adjustable hook for different sizes of pots
Dishwasher safe
Warranty service

9. Skoo Egg Poacher S2

This is one of the best egg poachers which comes in four single egg poacher sets. It can be used in stoves as well as microwaves. It has a very unique design which can also be considered as a cooking set for kids. It is easy to use and clean, making your life easier. However, the handle might not be as sturdy as it looks.  

Unique designProblems in sticks
Trusted and functional satisfaction
Easy to use
Easy to clean

10. Norpro Egg Poacher 996

Make your favorite poached eggs in minutes with this amazing egg poacher. The transparent lid makes you see through when the egg is being cooked. The lid releases steam and retains heat to cook the egg properly. It helps you to prepare two poached eggs at a time. 

Heat resistantPoacher stinks
Perfect for single and double portions
Easy to remove
Easy to clean

Not to mention, eggs are an essential part of your daily diet and to make your life easier, several brands have come up with some best egg poachers. Go through the pros and cons and find out which one you will be comfortable in using.

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