11 Best Fitness Tracker for Kids [Update 2021]

The fitness tracker is one kind of smartwatch that allows you to check your activity and monitor your calorie consumption. The tracker basically shows you the activity metrics of your walking, running, etc. you can also see your heartbeat rate in some cases. This tracker can be connected with mobile for your easy monitoring. Both men and women and also kids, old people are using it to check their activities. If you are looking for a fitness tracker, I am going to brief the best fitness tracker which will provide you a great experience.

If you want to buy the best fitness tracker for your kid, you have to choose which trackers are meeting your demand. Not all the tracker is perfect for you. For your help, I am going to suggest some guidelines which will help you to buy the best fitness tracker. 

  1. The fitness tracker should be easy to set up and comfortable in hands.
  2. The tracker must send notifications clearly.
  3. The tracker must have a good quality display which will help you to monitor the heart rate, sleep time, steps, etc. 
  4. The tracker must be connected to GPS.
  5. The fitness tracker must be waterproof.
  6. Before buying the fitness tracker must read the user manual and customer reviews.

List of Best Fitness Tracker for Kids

1. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker 

This is the best fitness tracker for kids. It has many features. You can track your kids’ sleep and heart rate at the same time. It can track up to 14 sports such as running, riding and walking. Link to a GPS on your phone to see numbers running in real-time and a post-workout view. The app makes it easy to receive text messages, emails, and smart alerts right on your hand when combined with your compatible smartphone. You can do more and charge less by up to 7 days of battery life when fully charged. The integrated USB plug allows easy charging without cable charging. This counts the steps, calories, and distance of the day and, when you have been sitting too long, the alarm motivates you to move.

Heart rate and sleep monitoring Sometimes water affects its mechanism
All-day activity tracking
See calls and messages
Connected to GPS

2. Garmin vívofit Jr 2, Kids Fitness and Activity Tracker

The Garmin vívofit Jr 2 is one of the best fitness trackers. It can track steps and monitor your kid’s sleep. You can set an alarm to remind the activity with this tracker. Everywhere from the playground to baseball, bath and even to bed your kid will show her style and rock her Star Wars tracker. Meeting their every-day tasks provides children more incentives in their tap challenge game to compete against the clock. Parents warn consumers about mobile applications and plan alerts, and kids ‘ groups teach them how to do their new job. This is great for children who need reminders every week or even hourly.

Monitor steps and periods of sleep Poor Garmin quality
Reminder alert Do not be long-lasting
Stylish and well designed

3. Garmin vívofit jr, Kids Fitness Tracker

The Garmin vivofit jr fitness tracker is one of the common fitness trackers. Its features are: Vívofit jr. has a convenient, sturdy 1-piece tape which kids can slip on and off, ideal for pint-sized powerhouses. Your child can rock it from house to practice to the pool even to bed in numerous fun, dynamic designs. You can see other accessory bands for adults that allow children to change their looks. The battery is replaced and kicks for up to a year, so no charge is needed. Parents can use compatible software to handle vívofit jr. Activity tracker. The app allows you to connect multiple kids and show their steps, sleep, everyday activities, and chore specifics when it syncs with your smartphone automatically. Allocate roles and obligations. Because of kids approaching their daily goals for 60 minutes, fun facts and a mobile adventure route inspire children every day to do their best.

1-year battery life Strap break problem
Swim friendly and water-resistant
Easy to use

4. Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids

The Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker is a very simple and best fitness tracker for its functions. It will help you to track sleep and encourage interactions with relatives, sisters, and friends. Nothing else is greater than to bring together healthier habits and Centauri kids are the perfect way to make memories of the whole family.

Water-resistant Broke quickly
Easy to operate
Bedtime reminder, step tracking

5. Lintelek Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker

The Lintelek Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor is a very common fitness tracker and it has some specifications. You can choose whatever you like to help you perform better. It has 14 ways of exercise. With light sleep, deep sleep, and awakening time, your sleep quality is automatically monitored by this activity tracker. You will wake up without waking anyone by the quiet vibration warning. See your smartwatch for calls and messages. On-screen calls, diary, SMS and SNS alerts (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter) never miss important messages. The App offers multi-sports modes. During different exercises, you can record the consumed time and calories, the mileage and the average.

Daily activity tracker Issues with the application
Heartbeat tracker
Sleep monitoring
Notify calls and messages

6. Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate & Fitness Tracker

The Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate is one of the well-known fitness trackers. It has a few specifications. The fitness tracker displays perfectly the heart rate, activities, calorie consumption and reminds the sleeping time. It is very easy to use. Its Bluetooth is 4.0 and Connects automatically to 200 + Android, iOS and Windows 10 so that you can see how you advance in the game.

Track heart rate The battery is not good
Track activity
Track calorie consumption and sleep

7. iGANK T6 Pedometer Watch Simple Fitness Tracker 

The iGANK T6 Pedometer Watch Simple Fitness Tracker is very simple and easy to use a fitness tracker. It will help you to allow your regular activities. You can monitor steps and heart rate perfectly through this fitness tracker. It has good battery longevity. It will provide you great support. 

Track all-day activity Not that much effective based on price
Easy to use
Long battery

8. WISINNO Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Watch

The WISINNO fitness trackers’ features are it enables more activities, walking, biking, riding, piling, pooling, heart rate experience, calories, and other physical conditions. You will clearly know how many calories are expended in a daytime activity whether it is a fitness person or a weight loss person. This increases the preparation efficiency. It is Simple to charge to any device and USB block. One single charge gives you up to 7 working days. Before you use it please charge the smartwatch in full. When you’re in the four sports states of running, cycling, walking, and hiking, it changes mode automatically and records your athletic data in real-time, which helps you understand your body functions and make your fitness routine more appropriate. This is the best fitness tracker. 

Multiple modes N/A
Heartbeat tracker and blood pressure monitor
Smartwatch supports ios and android

9. ZGPAX Fitness Tracker Watch, Activity Trackers 

The ZGPAX Fitness Tracker Watch is one of the smart fitness tracker and very good in terms of showing results. Its specifications are Exercise log, sedentary recall, incoming call recall, alarm, stopwatch, photo alarm, alarm clock, text message recall. Standards IP67 Waterproof can be used for everyday waterproofing, sweat-proof & rainproof. The app helps you to accept phone calls, text messages and SNS messages on your wrist such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Linkedin, email and smart updates. You are going to vibrate to remember. The magnetic loading process, without removing the harness, can be easily loaded. The app supports 4.0 Bluetooth and smartphones and ios. Large-performance Nordic chips, with low power, can last up to 5 days in all-time mode, the standby can last 10 days and with long stay, you can eliminate the charge problems sometimes.

Powerful multi-function The problem is the battery
Heart Rate, sleep, and blood pressure monitoring
Smart notification

10. feifuns Non-Bluetooth Fitness Activity Tracker

The feifuns Non-Bluetooth Fitness Activity Tracker is one of the most useful fitness trackers. It has a few specifications. It is very simple to set up and easy to use. This fitness tracker doesn’t have the requisite app, no irritating phone pairing settings. You can choose colorful bands and adjust the specific accessory bands that suit your mood.  It is Waterproof, 50 M, will fulfill your daily requirements and outside exercises, such as swimming, fishing, walking or camping. Vibrations alert, the simulations of the normal wake-up state, so that you can have a better sleep. It makes VARIOUS ACTIVITIES a timer great as running, fitness exercise, bbq, baking, games, sports.

Simple and easy setup Sometimes the button does not work
Multi-functional fitness tracker
Long battery life
Alarm clock

11. Willful Fitness Tracker

The  Willful Fitness Tracker is one of the most common fitness trackers. It has key features. It can monitor sleep, heartbeat, steps, calories, cycling, etc. the tracker also displays time, date, sedentary reminder and you can sync it with the phone. The messages of the phone and messenger are also displayed here. You can also monitor who calls you on your phone. You can charge it for 2 hours and it is touch control, a fitness tracker. You do not have to think about this watch in the rain, wash your hands or go swimming. This watch is a standard waterproof IP67. Follow the course and provide the calories and time for your cycling workout. A watch will remind you to relax every once in a while to help keep your body in good condition. Please tap the key to pick up the picture if you want to take a picture. This tracker has an integrated USB plug. Just remove your straps and load it for free with a USB port. No cable. 

Accurately track calories, steps, and heartbeat Sometimes problems in display
Sleep monitoring Do not long-lasting
Smart notification

As you already know the importance and features of the best fitness tracker, you should buy one of them. If you are an adult or old person, you can maintain your daily calorie consumption and monitor your heartbeat. Monitoring regular cycles will help you to lead a sound life. It will also be helpful for your kids too. To monitor your kids’ regular calorie consumption and heartbeat, you must buy the fitness tracker. Before buying the best fitness tracker, you must read our user guidelines.

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