9 Best Slide Scanner Reviews [Update 2021]

The slide scanner is a kind of device where you can scan the slides’ photographic scan into a computer without using any intermediate printmaking. The slide scanners are used to revitalize the papers or images. You can use the slide scanner for digitizing your important papers important or not. If these papers are lost or hampered, you can use the scanned copy while necessary. Following the demands of slide scanners, different companies are developing different types of scanners. They make changes and take customer reviews to develop their scanners.

As you know the huge demand for slide scanners in the market, people always look for the best photo slide scanner. While buying the slide scanner, you have to notice some specific features. For example, the image quality, high resolution, user-friendly, size of the scanner, auto adjustable brightness and editing, and less image noise, etc. For a great scanning experience you may take the suggestions from the users who already used these slide scanners. This will be helpful for you to have the best slide scanner among them.

List of Best Slide Scanners

1. KODAK SCANZA Digital Film & Slide Scanner

One of the renowned digital film and slide scanner is KODAK SCANZA Digital Film and Slide Scanner. Its operation is very simple. You have to press the ON button for 3 seconds to ON it. It has a large screen of 3.5”. The large screen helps you to view slideshow clearly and edit images perfectly. You will also find an adjustable brightness feature in this film and slide scanner. It also has a 14-megapixel sensor. There is a home button for the back to interface main page.  The device will automatically shut down after 10 minutes if you don’t use it.

Large screen Slide carrier problem
An intuitive user interface
Stunning HD Clarity

2. Film Negative Scanner

The Film negative scanner is considered as one of the best slide scanners. This scanner has a maximum resolution of 22 megapixels. This is the highest quality in the market. Built-in 128 MB memory and external storage are up to 32 GB. The light source is LED black light, scan speed 1-3 second, picture aspect ratio 3:2. This scanner is lightweight and compact.

External storage
High effective speed load adapter

3. KODAK Mini Digital Film & Slide Scanner

The KODAK Mini Digital Film and Slide scanner is a very common slide scanner. It has very easy functionality. After the adapter is installed, there is no more sophisticated computer program. Its image sensor is 14 megapixel, CMOS sensor, display 2.4”, white balance is automatic. For this scanner, you don’t need any secondary software. After editing by this scanner, you will see it immediately. The file type is JPEG and smart technology automatically turns it to JPEG file format. For external storage, you can use a 32 GB size SD card. The internal storage is 128 MB. This one of the best slide scanners because of its quick scanning ability and continuous loading, adjustable color, and brightness.  Quick menu navigation and one press scanning operation is its important feature.

Fast loading
Updated user interface
Simple functionality

4. Plustek OpticFilm 8200i AI – 35mm Film & Slides Scanner

One of the powerful slide scanners is the Plustek OpticFilm and Slide Scanner. It has a 7200 dpi resolution. It also has many specifications. It has built-in infrared which helps to detect scratch and dust on the surface. You can remove the defect without touching the image. You will also find the facility of automatic color correction while using the scanner. You can download the driver from the Plustek website.

Built-in infrared channel Unnecessary cropping
High resolution screen
Automatic color correction
HDRi function

5. Magnasonic All-in-One High-Resolution 22MP Film Scanner

With the aid of the Magnasonic Film Scanner, bring your film, slides, and negatives to the digital age. An optical slide converter offers outstanding 22-megapixel output and takes only a few seconds to search and store every memory you want to preserve. You can even fine-tune your photos right on the built-in full-color LCD screen without the need to learn and use complicated image editing software. You will find all in one. You don’t need any computer or laptop for editing or maintaining the brightness. You don’t need any extra expensive editing software also. It has fast scanning potential. So you can save time and super-fast scanning experience with this scanner. The scanner has internal storage of 128 MB with an extra slot for external storage. So you can store more files.

Time-consuming Color in the default mode is saturated
Effortless converting system
No extra functions for editing software
External memory

6. KODAK Mobile Film Scanner

For keeping old films and skipping expensive fees and keeping things simple, KODAK Mobile Film Scanner is perfect. It is small in size and looks like a box shape. You can access everything on your smartphone screen with the KODAK Mobile Film Scanner app. Add flattering filters and direct social media sharing. Cut, rotate and change images. Pick the easiest and cheapest way to scan and save, Take a KODAK handheld movie scanner back to your home today. The image quality depends on the camera on your phone. The resolution is also up to your phone. There is no battery compartment in the scanner.

Convenient Design App does not automatically set the boundaries of the image
Free application for editing and scanning
Small Size

7. Plustek OpticFilm 8100-35mm Negative Film/Slide Scanner

If you want to scan color negative film, black and white negative film, slides, reversal film, and Kodachrome film, Plustek OpticFilm is appropriate to film and slide scanner. Plustek Optic film 8100 is a dedicated 35mm film. With the latest lighting and optical systems, this 7200 dpi resolution scanner is equipped. Such systems allow the scanner with accurate color reproduction to achieve the maximum possible quality and dynamic range. It is easier than ever to launch your film and diaphragm scanning project with the Plustek OpticFilm 8100. It is the perfect film and slide scanner for a wide range of applications, including digital slide and film conversion, amateur and professional photography, photo clubs and analog photography classes. The image quality of OpticFilm 8100 is comparable to that offered by industry labs and products for scanning.

Less Image noise Difficult controlling than other scanners
Scan negative film and slides
High resolution

8. ZONOZ FS-3 22MP All-in-1 Film & Slide Converter Scanner

The ZONOZ FS-3 22MP is a scanner that can scan your old films and slides perfectly. The special thing in this scanner is, it has an image sensor that helps to convert every single color and information. It has a 2.4” color screen. You have a good scan quality of 22 megapixels as it has built-in software for editing the images. You can save as many memories you have within a short time with this scanner. You will have a good operating experience with this scanner. You just have to press the button “scan” before starting scanning. The images you scan are saved in internal storage by default. You can also use external storage for saving the pictures. This scanner has some special features like scanning resolution and brightness. The sensor will allow you to remove simple errors easily.

Speed loading adapters Sometimes the picture is little blurry
High resolution
No computer and software required
Store in both internal and external storage

9. Zonoz FS-ONE 22MP Ultra High-Resolution 35mm Negative Film & Slide Converter Scanner

You can easily convert your whole 35 mm film into digital images by means of the zonoz FS-ONE video scanner. You can now protect your precious memories with simple and intuitive controls. You only need to plug your FS-ONE in the AC outlet or USB port and check for negative or slides on your 35 mm video. The FS-ONE zonoz seems to have some supportive functionality such as scan range and brightness. You can also invert / screen pictures to prevent any simple loading errors. All you need to do is turn your old 35 mm films and slides into everlasting memories!

Simple and Unique scanner Problem in white balance
Good quality of Editing
Fast conversion of image

The slide scanners are basically used to scan the negative films which are the memory of individuals. People always try to store them without hampering their quality. These scanners are aimed to build for this. As the demand for slide and film scanners increases, the new and updated modern digitized scanners are also coming into the markets. People are looking to buy good ones. Mostly people use it for their personal purpose. So, these best slide scanners will bring you a great experience of scanning. 

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