11 Best Telescope for Kids [Update 2021]

Have you ever noticed something magical about telescopes? These are more than amazing when you know you can nearly touch the stars with your eyes. Is it so? Telescopes act as amazing toys for kids as they start learning about the sky, galaxy and solar system. They help you to explore Mother Nature and the sky entirely just from your balcony. Apart from that, kids learn something faster when they use or touch it, not just by reading textbooks. Are you into astronomy or do you want your kid to be interested in astronomy? If yes, then get them one of these best telescopes for kids which can also fall under three different categories- toy telescope, telescope for teenagers and telescope for beginners. However the category might be the same or vary according to different scenarios. 

Before buying the product you need to conduct some cost-benefit analysis to check whether it is worth it or not. Some prior knowledge is needed so that you do not get fooled while you purchase the telescope. Check whether the price is affordable for you. There is no point in buying a product with a higher price when the features and lenses included are pretty much mediocre. Next, since you are buying for your kids, check whether the telescope is easy to use or not. The best thing in this case is to start with buying a toy telescope. Verify whether the image quality is high or not and will it be sufficient for your kid to view the sky properly and admire Mother Nature. Check the focal length and magnification features of the telescope since you will not be ready to buy a telescope every month. The tripod also plays a big part when you are using the telescope. 

List of Best Telescope for Kids

1. Celestron Portable Refractor Telescope

Living with children will be just as much fun as possible when you learn along with your children. This is one of the best telescopes for kids as it has a super quality of optics and larger objective lens. Extra components are provided however, there are at times problems with tripods. 

Super optics qualityProblem in the tripod
Large objective lens
Extra components such as bog, tripod, and software
Powerful eyepieces

2. Gskyer Astronomical Refractor Telescope for Kids 

Stargazing will not be fun without this best telescope for kids in your hands. It has got good quality optics and wireless control to give the maximum satisfaction to customers. Along with the telescope, you will also get an adjustable tripod and bag.  

Good quality opticsPoor quality product
Wireless controlBad quality telescope
Adjustable tripod and bag
High magnification

3. MaxUSee Kids Telescope

This one is a portable telescope to give you better views of the sky and get brighter and clearer views. It includes two interchangeable eyepieces and a built-in telescope cube. This is the best telescope for kids for educational purposes. 

Easy to operateThe problem in focus
Good quality productThe problem in the telescope
Perfect for educational purposes
Built-in telescope cube

4. Qooarker Telescope for Kids 

Are you up for finding the details and everything that is up there in the sky? Get your hands on this best telescope for kids. You do not have any complicated features to think of here and it comes with high-quality lenses. Overall, this is the perfect one for beginners. 

Easy to useThe problem in focus
High-quality lens
Perfect for beginners
Warranty service

5. Little Experimenter 2-in-1 Kids Projector plus Telescope 

Your night room will never be any boring now that you have this best telescope for kids. This is a two-in-one option where you can view the night sky and the stars as well as project those views on your room’s wall. Interesting much? It also comes with a foldable tripod and adjustable view. 

Good designProduct quality is not good
Properly adjustable
Good for educational activities

6. Vanstarry Telescope for Kids

This is the best telescope for kids for travelling purposes. It has got super magnification quality and good optics to begin with. It also comes with two replaceable eyepieces along with other complementary gifts like bags, tripod and giftbox. 

Super magnification qualityFully coated glass optic can be broken easily
Good quality optics
Large objective lens
Extra components like tripods and bags
Easy travel and storage

7. Celestron Refractor Telescope

70mm optics of high-quality and lightweight frame, what can be a better combination? Well, a lot of other things are also needed which are available here. This is one of the best telescopes for kids where you get unbeatable customer and warranty services. It is very easy to set up which makes it easier to use. 

High-quality opticsThe object is not clearly focused
High-quality refactor telescope
Warranty service

8. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Telescope

This is a very adorable one which helps kids to learn about the space and comes handy for teachers to make the students understand the outer space better. Double eyepieces are available so that you do not have to close an eye to get the accurate view. It requires three AAA batteries and comes with multilingual audio making it one of the best telescopes for kids. Yet a drawback prevails- as this is a baby one and made mostly as a toy, there might be problems spotting the objects. 

Good quality tripodComponent quality is not good
The eyepiece is goodThe problem in spotting the objects
Warranty service

9.  ToyerBee Telescope

This one is what you call great value for money and a great learning experience. It is the best telescope for kids if you are looking for something to blend in their science project. It has got a large aperture and good quality views along with high-quality magnification. It is highly recommended for beginners to have a smooth journey. 

Large apertureNot very easy to use
Good quality of finding views
Easy to assemble
High magnification
Warranty service

10. Oumoda Telescope F36050 upgrade edition 

A telescope that is good for using both during the night and the day. You can scroll through the trees around you and see the birds chirping. The image quality is comparatively good and is easy to focus. Yet again, the focus might seem to be a little problematic at times. If you are looking for a telescope to get your children or students introduced to the moon, this is one of the best telescopes for kids. 

Good configurationAt times, there are focus related problems
Good erecting eyepiece
Good quality of tripod
Easy to set up
Warranty service

11. Meade Instruments Telescope 209001

What can be a more amazing product for you than this when you want to view both the astronomical and the terrestrial objects? It is mostly a digitised version of a telescope where you do not get a hardcopy manual of instructions, but a DVD and alongside an astronomical software. Furthermore it provides bright and sharp images which you will love. You will not be skeptical about the product as it comes with all the pieces you need in professional packaging. 

Incorporates astronomical softwareRed dot finder malfunctions
Includes instructional DVD At times, eye pieces do not fit well
Provides bright and sharp images 
Large refactor scope for a reasonable price 
Simple to assemble 

These are the reviews of some of the best telescopes for kids currently and have all the pros and cons listed accordingly. Choose your best one and make the astronomical journey of your kid a smooth one.

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