12 Best Yogurt Maker Reviews [Update 2021]

Before you look into the reviews of Yogurt Maker, you might also be curious thinking why you need yogurt and why it is important. Yogurt is something which can be rich in protein, vitamin, calcium, etc. The next question to come to mind might be how do you make this thing? And at what time should you be taking yogurt? Well, you have the recipe on YouTube to make the yummiest yogurt in town. As for the timing, you can take yogurt as a dessert to finish off your meal. However, the best time to take it is during breakfast or when your stomach is completely empty.

If you are a yogurt fan, purchasing a yogurt maker can be the best thing for you. You can make your own flavors and choose your own ingredients. You will not have to worry about the yogurt being unhealthy. You will have it just from your kitchen, freshly made! Before buying the yogurt maker certain things need to be considered to give you the best outcome. First of all, the size of the machine matters. You might want to make that entire yogurt at a go, or you might want it fresh every time.

The choice is yours hence consider the size of the machine you want to buy wisely. Similarly, you need to choose the design you are comfortable with. There are multiple ones available and certainly you will not be comfortable with every design. Hence choose wisely here as well. Lastly, functionality matters a great deal. Functions like self-cooling, auto shutoff and others are of great importance to give you the best yogurt. You need to know how easy it would be to clean the machine and use it again.

List of Best Yogurt Makers

1. Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker YM80

Best Yogurt Maker

This automatic yogurt maker will become your favorite once you start using it. The time duration can vary from 6 hours to 10 hours to make your preferred yogurt. The best part is that you can make seven different types of yogurts at a time. Furthermore this machine will give you the privilege to taste and check whether the ingredients are balanced or not.

Made within 6-10 hours depending on the thickness Might get too hot and curdle the milk
Natural, rich and creamy Temperature might get fixed at a certain high point
Timer to indicate the completion of cooking
Transparent lid to monitor cooking
Seven different flavors of yogurt can be made at a time

2. MVPower Yogurt Maker

Best Yogurt Maker

The overall unique design of this best yogurt maker is very eye-catchy and precious. It has a uniform heating system to look after it properly. It is cost saving as it uses natural power along the way. There is a timer attached to it to make the home-based yogurt the best. Lastly, eight jars are available for usage. If you want to try out different flavors of this, you can try buying the best automatic yogurt maker.

Uniform heating Cheap plastic lid
Safe operation Timer and temperature features might not work properly 
Cost saving power consumption
Eight different flavors at a time

3. DASH Yogurt Maker Machine

Best Yogurt Maker

Make your own healthy yogurt with your own hands and enjoy the delicious treat. This is one of the best yogurt makers to look up to. It is particularly suitable for people living in dorms or smaller apartments as it comes in a compact size. It is lightweight which makes it easier to carry. The best part is it takes only ten minutes to prepare the yogurt by adding milk, yogurt starter and other ingredients. This can also act as a perfect gift for someone who loves cooking or is a yogurt fan.

Healthier The inside might catch fire
Lightweight Not exactly hassle-free
Easy to use
Works fast

4. Euro Cuisine Greek Yogurt Maker

Best Yogurt Maker

Though this one is called a yogurt maker, it is basically a yogurt strainer. It makes the liquid of yogurt thicker which enhances the taste of it. This commercial yogurt maker is highly recommended for its quality assurance. However, the cleaning process is a bit challenging which might leave you off the shore.

Thicker yogurt Not dishwasher safe
Premium quality
Maintains consistency in heating 

5. Flexzion Maker Machine

Best Yogurt Maker

This is one of the best yogurt makers you can ask for which can make seven different flavors of yogurt at a time. You can easily make safe and healthy yogurt at home without any hassle. Add your desired amount of colorings and artificial flavors to make the best customised yogurts in town. The stainless steel bottom gives the best finishing to the final product. 

Easy to use  Jars are not water-tight 
Seven different containers to make seven different flavors Cord might need repair after long usage 
Lids are of premium quality 

6. Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker YM260

Best Yogurt Maker

Yogurt will not be any better without this best yogurt maker. Become the best cook possible and enjoy the yogurt cooking time. The instruction manual provided comes as handy and the final product is something which you would fall in love with. The texture is creamy, thick and natural.

Result is natural and creamy yogurt  Thermostat may get damaged 
Ingredients can be controlled 
Includes timer 

7. IRIS OHYAMA Yogurt Maker

Best Yogurt Maker

The accessories included here are a measuring spoon, a lid, milk cartons and container, draining cup, Japanese recipe book and manual. The complete instruction can help to operate this simple yet classy best yogurt maker to make you delicious yogurt. The temperature control system is of great help along the way to monitor the cooking process. It is easy to use and clean.  

Low power consumption  Manual and website is in Japanese 
Simple to use 
Easy to clean   Access heating can lead to fire hazard 

8. Luvele Pure Yogurt Maker

Best Yogurt Maker

You can make the perfect additive and preservative free yogurt of your own through this best yogurt maker at any time. You can also customise the yogurt to your own design and use this without hassle. It has a waterproof touch panel and water-bath technology. 

Three temperature settings  Little complicated to use 
Water-bath technology 
Automatic switch off
Waterproof touch panel design 
Easy to clean  

9. TANICA Yogurt Maker

Best Yogurt Maker

A wide range of yogurts can be made and different fermentation diets can be tried to make you a pro with this best yogurt machine. It has got an easy to use timer function and what not to make your life easier. It provides a stable fermentation process all the way. However the only problem seen with it is that the lid comes off very easily. 

Temperature setting facility  Lid might be defective 
Timer setting facility 
Easy to use 
Stable fermentation 

10. TIGER Yogurt Maker 

Best Yogurt Maker

Make your favorite flavors at a go without any hassle and thinking with this automatic yogurt maker. Temperature can be set and timer can be adjusted to make the yummiest version of yogurt in town. The best part is it has a very compact design which can be kept in any place and does not accumulate much space. 

Easy setting of temperature  Troublesome process of making 
Easy timer setting 
Auto shutoff 
Compact design 
Easy to use 

11. Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker YM460

Best Yogurt Maker

The best yogurt maker with a glass lid which can help you make natural, preservative free and customised yogurt in no time. It gives a rich and creamy texture. It is economical as it can make more yogurt at a time. The packaging includes a stainless steel thermometer and a cotton bag for yogurt along with the yogurt maker. 

Ingredients and sweetness can be controlled  Non-durable 
Economical  Quality is not up-to-mark 
Auto shutoff timer 
Easy to use 

12. Waring Professional Yogurt Maker YM350 

Best Yogurt Maker

Waring makes one of the best yogurt makers to make the finest yogurt without any hassle. After making your delicious dish, the cleaning process is totally hassle-free and quick. Homemade yogurts become tastier and healthier. However the temperature goes to a higher level. 

Dishwasher safe  Inconsistency in texture 
Commercial-quality  Temperature becomes a bit too high 
Quick and easy to clean 

To conclude, these are some of the best yogurt makers to check if you are looking for the best product. Check the pros and cons before finalizing the product of your choice.

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