7 Best Commercial Meat Slicers in 2021 (Along with Discount)

I love meat only when it is chopped perfectly. What about you? Sometimes it won’t come out exactly as we wanted it to be. Having a butcher shop and not slicing the meat as expected may seem disappointing, right? But yeah, we want it whole and intact for our customers. What if I say you could get the meat sliced in perfect shapes with minimum effort? While the world uses high-level technology for many purposes, why can’t you use a tool to cut our meat for your commercial purposes? Here, in this article I will present the reviews of best commercial meat slicers along with pros and cons.

Before jumping to the products, I would like to explain on the basic determinants required before just randomly selecting a meat slicer. Be clear on what you want and what is required, because you are going to invest an amount that must give you returns on a long scale basis. You must consider the size of the blade, the power, etc. before taking the decision of fixing a meat slicer for purchase. The size of the food tray and the method of operation being automatic or manual is also an important aspect while buying. Would it be satisfying if we buy the slicer and finding it has a smaller tray for containing meat? It would take up more of your time. Therefore, be precise and careful upon choosing a meat slicer, meeting your long term demands. So, here we go with the products:

List of Best Commercial Meat Slicers

1. BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-plated Meat Slicer

BESWOOD 10" Premium Chromium-plated Meat Slicer

As a matter of fact, this commercial meat slicer is of premium quality and best suits for professional purposes. It measures 20×17×14.8 inches with its dimensions, taking up a considerable space in your kitchen and weighs around 34 pounds. This isn’t something that can be carried around and it is most advised to fix a most likely place and keep it over there permanently. Powerful and durable blade with 240 watts capacity of slicer motor would be overwhelming and most convincing. There are slide-proof rubber legs that help in keeping the machine steady, while it runs.

Silent nature and makes comparatively less irritating noiseIt is duly heavy and too big in size
The design of the product is perfect, durable and elegant and durable.
Anti-rusting feature
It may not slide or slip but it is difficult to shift if required
240-watt power motor is mighty and high endA little bit hard to clean
High-quality slices of meat could be finely cut

2. LEM Products 1185 Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade Food slicer

LEM Products 1185 Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade Food slicer

As said earlier, the blade diametrical size is 8.5” with the product dimensions being 13.58×18.5×17.7. This product exclusively has a metallic carbon colour finishing. This is most carefully designed to suit your kitchen background and look perfect while keeping it up in the counter. Made of metal, the maximum slicing thickness of the product is estimated to be 4. It has the motor attached which runs on belt driven by 200 watts. It runs high end with the 532 RPM ¼ HP.  LEM products are mostly designed and made with the home game processors, which simply means the inspection and grading of meat processes, in regard. The included inbuilt sharpener is one of the best features that are sure to provide you the best comforts while slicing the products.

It is said that this commercial meat slicer is well-received with the customersMostly available for local shipping and not for international shipping
Cuts as swiftly as butterNot suitable for slicing up entire meat into half
Best chopping with perfect slicingThe tray wouldn’t fit entire meat, Suitable for chopping only
Heavy duty product
Serves best for regular commercial usage
The motor also does not heat up so easily, even while running for a long time

3. KWS Premium 450w Electric Meat Slicer with Stainless Blade

KWS Premium 450w Electric Meat Slicer with Stainless Blade

The basic dimensions of the slicer would 25 x 26 x 22 inches and it weighs 83 pounds on the whole. This makes it much harder to move it around when required. This silver colored slicer is most recommended for butcher shops and delis where meat is required to be sliced on a large scale basis. It is definitely large in size compared to other meat slicers and you have the skid-proof rubber legs that support it, at the time of machine running, without skidding. It also has an exclusive on/off switch button which is waterproof. Do not worry anymore if there is any water spill in the slicer. It works the same perfect way as it did earlier.

High quality slicing of briskets and frozen meatsIt is quite hefty to carry and large is size
It is highly recommended for its great slicing anglesNot many auto methods
It is well acknowledged for slicing vegetables as wellManual pushing of tray inside the slicer
Easily available spare parts
Low maintenance hassle

4. Unichart Meat Slicer with Manual Control

Unichart Meat Slicer with Manual Control

The dimensions being 490mm×230mm×150mm and the entire slicer weighing around 12 pounds, this is much compatible and easily movable with regard to the size and weight. The manual handle is made of PVC giving it an extraordinary and classy look. The thickness for slicing of meat could be adjusted from 0.2mm up to 9mm. Even though it is regarded to be manual, only a part of this product is considered to be manual and the other part being automatic, thus making it semi-automatic. The size of the blade is 200m (7.8 inches)   

It holds the meat perfectly while slicingIt’s fully manual operated
The quality of the entire unit is perfect and the platform for slicing is solidNeed to spend physical energy to push the handle
The size and weight are comparatively lowSometimes may require a stool to stand upon and balance the handling

5. KWS Premium 200w Electric Meat Slicer with Stainless Steel Blade

KWS Premium 200w Electric Meat Slicer with Stainless Steel Blade

Even though low powered, it is matched with a small sized blade, making it even more fast and furious. It cuts and rotates at a speed of 510rpm. 18.5×17.7×13.8 inches are the dimensions of the product with it weighing as much as 28 pounds. The skid proof makes it stay at one place without having to dance around your kitchen often making hefty noises. The voltage is takes up is 110v/60HZ. The dimensions of the tray would be 7.5×5.5×4.5

Repair and maintenance is cheap and availableDoesn’t come with a proper cover to wrap
Cleaning process is painless and comfortable comparatively
Works pretty silently 
It is also noted that it is not much suitable for novice users
Great build, design, working quality with good lookWeight not suitable for many commercial purposes
It cuts as thin as you want your meat to be sliced

6. Chef’s Choice 667 International Professional Electric Food Slicer

Chef's Choice 667 International Professional Electric Food Slicer

The actual blade slicer design is kind of tilted for better performance and perfect slicing of meat. With the diameter of blade being 10 inches, the dimensions of the product would be 24 inches by 19 inches by 18 inches. It weighs around 33 pounds making it quite heavier and stiff. You may doubt that since the slicer is heavier, there are chances of it sliding down from the kept place at the time of running. It is supported by rubber slid-proof legs that support the entire slicer to stand up. The package comes with a blade sharpener and convenient tray for long term usage of the product. The thickness of meat could be controlled from thin slices up to 14mm, thus providing a whole shaped chunk of meat.

Built-in sharpener in the product which automatically sharpens the edgesA small gap between the blade and the tray is noticed making it less likely for the meat to get trapped there sometimes
The performance is highly regarded to be top endCleaning process involved in the slicer is regarded to be hectic and irritating
This eliminates food wasteDue to sharp and edgy blades it may occur accident

7. Genmine Meat Slicer with Electric Meat Slicing Shredding

Genmine Meat Slicer with Electric Meat Slicing Shredding

The dimensions of the product would be 11.81 inches by 10.24 inches by 12.99 inches with the motor running at a speed of 1400r/min. Quite intense and fierce right? It runs with a 550watt power and voltage of 110V. The design, quality and material of the product, with its extra speed running capacity, will definitely amuse you. As mentioned earlier, the blade would be made of stainless steel and an alloy coating protecting it from rusting.

The weight of the product is quite convenientIt cannot chop off frozen meat, potatoes, turnip and meat with bones
The speed at which the motor runs is an exclusive highlight for this product
Compared to other meat slicers and it chops the meat as swiftly as possible
Blade which is enclosed with a steel cover is safer for daily use

Life has become so much intricate that expectations arise with perfection even in the shapes of our meat and food items. But it isn’t to be blamed, as we were taught and inspired to expect things with perfections in life. If you have a business based on meat, it is quite common that your customer may expect the thinnest slices of meat. To adhere to your needs and wants with regard to the quality and thinly chopped meat slices, I have presented to you her with the 7 best commercial meat slicers of 2018 and their reviews. These products are most regarded and listed to be most recommended by the makers and the producers in the market. It best suits you for your commercial purposes like cafes, restaurants, butcher shops, etc. What’s more better than having a meat slicer in your business making the cooking process much simpler and easier, attending multiple customers simultaneously? Sounds perfect and that’s what you want right? So, go on and grab the best meat slicers in the market before soon.