10 Easiest Languages to Learn [Update 2021]

Are you up for learning a new language? Are you too busy for it? Or are you just scared of learning a foreign language? Either way, what you need here is ‘the language needs to be easy to learn’, or rather after the ‘easiest language in the world’. Learning something new is always interesting if you have the passion to know and learn. What do you do by learning? You grow yourself. You expand your greatest asset which is your knowledge. You are a busy self-employed person, or maybe a student, or a teacher, or a businessman, etc. As you travel around the world, you will notice people being overconfident and proud for their native languages. They might get interested along the way to know a bit more about their native language. What you need is a little guidance about what can be easy for you.

List of Easiest Languages to Learn

1. English

This is the best and the most developed language to start with. You are reading this in English. You can hear people talk around you or on the television in English. People across the globe are uniting through this one language. This has become the second language for many countries. Office, educational institutions and hospitals are being run by the motto of speaking in English. English is everywhere. You turn on the television, you open your browser, you check your social media or open your textbook, you will see the English alphabets staring at you and you cannot run. When you see a language being spoken and written everywhere, it is no longer difficult to learn.

2. Dutch

This can also be called a twin of English language. You will find almost the same words as in English with a small change in spelling and pronunciation. Honestly, there is no big deal to learn this language and once the fundamentals are done, you will be able to read Dutch books fluently. Thus you will be ready to communicate in Dutch as this is the easiest language to learn.

3. Spanish

Is it true that Spanish is the second-most important language in the world after English? Yes, to an extent, it is. You will also see a lot of Spanish people around to have a chit-chat with and to develop your own speaking abilities.

4. Japanese

This might seem a relatively tough one for their pronunciations. Yet their pronunciation is one of the simplest of all, but your ears do not make you believe that! Among all its 19 consonants there are very few which might sound unfamiliar. All the others are mostly common and used by you.  

5. Italian

This is a good choice of language and one of the easiest languages to learn. Italian and Spanish can be kept side-by-side for their convenience in learning. Yet again, you will not find sounds which seem unfamiliar to you.

6. French

How can you miss out on this? This is the language which almost everyone knows. Why? Do you dream of going to Paris one day and randomly ask a stranger there “Bonjour! Comment allez vous?” French has been dragging many of the English-speaking people to learn it. When you are good in English, French vocabulary comes handy and is much easier to learn. Following the trend, many have started learning French making it the easiest language to learn.

7. Swedish

If you are planning to go for higher education in Sweden, what can be better for you than to learn Swedish? This can be one of the reasons for you to choose this language. But irrespective of travelling, Swedish is a good language to learn. It has a special preference for being a part of German language.

8. Malay

Malay is one of the easiest languages to learn. Do you know what the best part about this language is? There are no hard-and-fast rules for grammatical errors in numbers, gender and tense. It is more like you learn one word and then you keep applying it to wherever you please.

9. Afrikaans

How happy will you be if someone does not bother you and lets you sleep? It is good to see an African join us. This is one of the easiest languages you will ever find. Just like Malay, there are no particular rules to follow and you can say whatever you please.

10. Portuguese

This is the land of Cristiano Ronaldo and has an amazing language to learn. It has got many direct similarities with English language and this makes your life ten times easier if you are planning to learn this language.   

Talk about being easy to learn, it entirely depends on the person. Your native language will be the best for you. There is no particular language which will be the easiest. You, as a learner, have to make it easy to learn. There are some languages which seem to be inter-connected with one another and just might sound familiar to you. These ones will be easier for you to learn. Alongside there are several YouTube channels and other social media platforms willing to teach languages to youngsters. These platforms have made your life a bit easier as you can learn language online.