13 Inspirational Movies for Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2021

Today’s generation is highly interested in innovation, renovation and invention. Entrepreneurs tend to get motivated and that is why they need a list of inspirational movies from which they can learn a lot and implement them in their personal lives. An individual may expect that the world of business might be not that hard, but in reality it is lot worse than that. Sometimes you may feel like quitting, but ultimately if the goal is clear and sound, no one can really stop you. So let us check out the movie list for entrepreneurs.

List of Best Inspirational Movies for Entrepreneur

1. Nightcrawler

This is a highly recommended movie for people who are interested in entrepreneurship and business. The movie contains a little brutality. But Jake Gyellenhaal will impress you at the end of the day. So, here the protagonist has to struggle a lot for getting a job. And one day, finally he got a job of live crime journalism. The movie teacher you how to focus on your positive attitude, improving yourself, and co-operational skills. You will also learn you can do so many things even if you do not have enough experience and background.

2. The Blues Brothers

This movie will inspire you a lot because it shows how important is it to have a vision and mission. Jake and Elroy will teach you how to dream when everyone stops believing in you. Everyone has his purposes and principles and that will help you to succeed. A startup must be missionary.

3. The Social Network

A must watch. How did Facebook grow into the biggest social network in the world? What is the story behind that brilliant programmer named Mark Zuckerberg? A dorm room to a thriving business- the story of Facebook mesmerizes us all.

4. Slumdog Millionaire

The teen hero from Mumbai, who lives in a slum, gets a huge opportunity to be in the Indian version of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” He had to suffer a lot for taking that chance. He got arrested, but still he did not stop dreaming. Eventually he won, got the money and also the girl. Being opportunistic is also a great trait of an entrepreneur.

5. Pirates of Silicon Valley

This movie reflects the original cover of the grand success of Microsoft and Apple. Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were portrayed in the movie beautifully. Get to know about the opposition and competition between the two legends.

6. Boiler Room

How to turn your business to a profitable one? The movie is formerly motivated by the movie “Wall Street”, but still it inspires you to be a better salesman!

7. The Pursuit of Happyness

Will Smith did justice to the character named Chris Gardner. The movie is established on a true story by Chris himself. That book was a best seller and the movie turned out to be a blockbuster as well. You should not stop pursuing your castle in the sky.

8. Forrest Gump

The story is about a very simple and good hearted soul. He has decent motives, and suddenly he becomes victorious only by living the way he wanted. Gradually he started winning medals. One day he became an expert ping-pong player and after that he became an owner of a company. He used to motivate people he knew. With simplicity, you can win almost anything.

9. Startup.com

This is a documentary film showing fluctuation of a potential startup named GovWorks.com. The startup got funding, but still it suffered a lot for the internal strife and inflation. The movie will teach you how teamwork motivated you to work harder and secure your future with the business.

10. Moneyball

The movie is about baseball; the hardship of Oakland A and its general manager Billy Beane. Their team was financially and statistically weak. But still the manager was smart enough to handle the pressure and ultimately he showed the courage to take up effective steps to become a winning team.

11. Casablanca

Sacrificing yourself for something bigger-this is the object of the movie. This related to your startup, as you know that your business is not about you. Your goal should be bigger; it must be about changing lives.

12. Wall Street

It is a movie on greed and business. A youthful stockbroker Bud Fox meets Gordon Gecko and suddenly he falls for greed in due course.

13. Rocky

Rocky is a truly inspired movie in which Rocky Balboa fights in Heavyweight Champ. How to win and why – get to know the purpose of the movie.

So go for one of these movies now. Check out one by one to get inspired! All of these are greatly helpful for entrepreneurs.