10 Most Expensive Pets ever lived on Earth

Loneliness is a killer. Everyone in this world does something or the other in order to not fall prey to the fangs of solitude. While some are perfectly capable of not being affected by such feelings even when being alone, mostly because they love their own company, others need to constantly be with another living entity to feel happy.

This is where pets come in. Having a pet can be an incredible experience. We learn from everything and having a pet certainly teaches a lesson or two about diligence. It could be said that nursing an animal is perhaps the best way to introduce oneself to parenting.

But, like almost everything in the world, it comes at a price. And here are the 10 most expensive pets in the world…

#10. Bengal Cat – $3000

expensive pets

Cats are one of the most common pets and can be seen everywhere. However, some of them are very expensive and the Bengal Cat is one of them. The reason for its aristocratic status is its interbred nature. A cross between a domestic short-haired black cat and an Asian leopard, it apparently takes 5 generations of breeding the together in order to give birth to the perfect Bengal Cat.


#9. Snow Macaque – $3500

expensive pets

A primate which is an endangered species, this is an animal that makes one cute little pet due to its small demeanor. It’s like a restless baby that needs constant attention; this little thing will keep moving around the house unless it is confined by some means. Also, a constant discharge of feces means that diaper change at regular intervals is an absolute must.


#8. Hyacinth Macaw –$6500

expensive pets

The movie Rio is very popular among Hollywood aficionados and the main reason for that is this bird. Among the most expensive flying parrots, this winged beast is one of a kind and increases the pride of a household with its presence.


#7. Striped Ball Python –$7500

expensive pets

One would think that staying as far away as possible for snakes is the ideal way to live a life. However, snakes make really hipster pets and there couldn’t be anything more hipster than a striped ball python. The reason for its uniqueness and cost is its striped ball skin design, easily making it one of the coolest pets to have.


#6. Savannah Cat – $8500

expensive pets

Another breed of cat on the list, albeit a more expensive one. A savannah cat is the product of a domestic cat and an African serval. The more the serval in its blood, the more its price. In fact, it is quite hard to breed a savannah cat as most attempts fail before finally creating a perfect savannah cat.


#5. Capuchin Monkey – $10000

expensive pets

The Capuchin monks wore robes to conceal their faces and it is after them that these breeds of monkeys have been named. In the famous movie named Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, we can see Jim Carrey having this monkey as his pet. Like other apes, they are restless and hence need to be restrained in cages.


#4. Palm Cockatoo – $15000

expensive pets

This is a bird whose cost of maintenance, by the end of its lifespan, will probably be more than its cost. A look that inflicts curiosity among people, its diet is strict, consisting of nuts, pomegranates, apples, oranges, sweet broccoli and beets. Handle with care is the word (or tag).


#3. Camels – $50000

expensive pets

The ship of the desert. Camels are the symbol of calm and clever and, of course, Arab countries. A lot of Arabs in the Middle Eastern countries house camels as pets. The average price or camels in the Saudi Arabian markets is around $50000, making it one of the most expensive animals to own.


#2. Chimpanzee – $62000

expensive pets

They are one intelligent species and that intelligence alone is worth the money. However, their aggressive nature is hard to handle and needs a lot of effort to control them. Their ways are a lot similar to human beings and they are adorable, but their wild nature puts off many suitors.


#1. White Lion Cub – $140000

expensive pets

Mutation has taken us from being a single-celled organism to the most dominant form of species on the planet and it is this mutation that has given us this rare breed of white lions that make cool pets when they babies. Babies are always cute, but when they grow old and the innocence seeps out, they no longer feel adorable. And it is the same here as having a grown up lion in the house isn’t something one would like to risk.