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11 Pokemon GO Hacks that will make you BOSS among your Friends!

Are you running like storm to catch’em all? If yes, then you have landed on the perfect page that will rank you up to the next level of Pokemon GO. Yah, it time to play like the pro trainer and beat everyone around you.

Let’s go for some hilarious strategies to catch’em all 😀

#1. Turn AR mode off while catching Pokemon

It feels awesome to see Pikachu standing on your bed but AR (Augmented reality) mode can often make it difficult to catch Pokemon as well as drain your battery life. Therefore, to keep your device running for long time while you are on Pokemon hunting keep the AR mode off.

#2. Get extra bonus while throwing Poke balls

Looking for extra bonus? You can get up to 100XP bonus while catching a Pokemon creature for which you need to tap and hold on the Poké Ball to start the ring cycle so that you can wait to toss your ball until the ring is at the correct point. The best catching strategy will definitely reward you the better XP to improve your trainer skill.

#3.  Wanna catch’em all? visit parks, shopping malls  and parking lots

I don’t know why but parks, shopping malls and parking lots seem to be the favorite place for Pokemon. So, to get the most of them you definitely need to hunt on these type of places. Moreover, parks and shopping malls are pretty safe as you just run unconsciously while hunting Pokemon. Even a newbie player Mo got 4 Pokemons within 2 minutes in a shopping mall of Dubai. So, get prepared to catch’em all 😉

#4.  Use your ultimate weapon ‘Radar ring’

Have you noticed a small pulsing ring that glows around your avatar? Yah, that ring is your personal radar in the game. It’s mainly used to determine if you are near to any PokeStops or Gym; in addition, it shows what kind of Pokemons are hiding beside you. Once you tracked zero step, it means you are immediate close to the Pokemon. In this situation if you stand for a few moments your radar will reveal the Pokemon without any extra walking or running.

#5. Don’t freak out if it crashes

Due to heavy user game developer Niantic’s server is facing frequent crashes. If you face any crash at the moment when you are catching a Pokemon don’t panic or freak out. Just calm down and try to restart the game. In most of the cases, either you will be caught the Pokemon (check you Pokedex to make sure) or you will notice the Pokemon is waiting for you to catch him up.

#6. Play during off hours

It’s great to play Pokemon Go during lunch period, afternoon or evening hours. However these are some busiest hours of a day when most of the Pokemon trainers come out to hunt. Thus it’s an amazing hack to hunt during the off hours such as early in the morning or at mid night (not recommended if you are not matured).

#7. Find out PokeStops via Ingress

Ingress is the previous most successful game of Niantic game developer. Thus they have used the similar map in Pokemon GO game. If you see any Portals in Ingress, that predicts the availability of PokeStops. This is a super simple hack to make yourself unbeatable comparing to your competitors.

#8. Evolve the higher-level Pokemon creatures

You can see a level ring around the portrait of your Pokemon creatures. The amount filled in the ring indicated the gap between the current level and next level of that particular Pokemon. To get the most, make sure you are evolving the Pokemon that is closest to the next level. Thus, you can get the best return in case of improving your Pokemons.

#9.  Hatch Pokemon eggs in your room

It needs to walk 2km, 5km and even 10km to hatch Pokemon eggs. If you are lazy enough to stay in your room and still want to hatch the eggs, you can simply make your mobile move back and forth or keep moving your phone on a circular path. This will give moving signals to your GPS and thus your Pokemon eggs will start hatching. Cool, isn’t it?

#10. Check the server within 2 seconds

Let’s assume you started your Pokemon GO (which takes 30 sec+) and saw the server is down, how will you feel? Definitely angry and frustrated. Thus you can check the server status within 2 seconds by visiting and make yourself prepare either to hunt or to take rest in your home.

#11. Add different types of Pokemon to friendly gym

Are you going to add Pokemons to a friendly gym? Make sure you are adding Pokemons of different types of power. Although making the gym full of Flareons and Vulpixes seems cool but you may end up in danger while facing a trainer with water and ground types of Pokemons.

Thanks for going through all the Pro tips of Pokemon GO. Let’s start  hunting and become the unbeatable trainer. Please be alert while you are hunting Pokemons during busy hours specially near roads, because your LIFE is much more important than PokemonGo.

Stay safe, stay with us!