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17 Most Powerful Marvel Characters that Ever Exist in Marvel Universe

Those of us who have been inside the Marvel Universe for a long time, a part of us just died with the Avengers Infinity War movie. However, believe it or not there was a time when superhero movies like Avengers infinity war weren’t a big thing. But we have come far away from that age. Today they are big budget movie and involve thousands of people; in fact a superhero movie today is more or less an industry in itself. The marvel universe is not just about comics today, it is a whole universe of movies, series, merchandises and lot of other things. MCU has inspired others with their huge success and believe it or not hundreds from Hollywood want to follow them. But honestly, what makes the Marvel universe so strong and popular? Any guesses? Well, it definitely the characters.

Marvel universe has some of the most amazing and strongest characters that we can ever imagine in our lives and face the truth, that is what makes Marvel so awesome, wouldn’t you agree? So let’s look at some of the most powerful Marvel characters that ever exist in Marvel universe.

1. Deadpool


You might be surprised wondering why we are starting the list with Deadpool! After all he isn’t one of the omnipotent characters or has any god like powers. But what makes him amazing is the fact he is almost as human as all of us and is still amazingly powerful. He was born human but then he had been through a wrong procedure and a treatment after that which made him unhinged and powerful. In fact, the most awesome thing about him is that ‘Death’ is in love with him, can you think of a better and more awesome thing about Deadpool? No, we are sure.

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2. One-Above-All


So those who have watched only the movies will not be acquainted with this character. One-Above-All is a celestial, the creator of all life in the multiverse present in the Marvel universe. One-Above-All is the ultimate and supreme being; he has powers which are incredible to human or superhuman capabilities. He is even more powerful than the Living Tribunal and his power exceeds all in the Marvel universe which is actually a multiverse. One-Above-All is the closest to an absolute god of all existence in the whole wide Marvel Universe. Here is a question for you, what would you have done if you had so much power?

3. Captain America

If we talk about the Marvel cinematic universe then we definitely should include Captain America on this list. You must be wondering how he makes it to this list. Well, the most impressive thing about him is his strength. He is one of the most durable superheroes that MCU has. He can take shot from extremely strong enemies and if you have seen the movies you already know that he has done some amazing things such as stopped a helicopter or threw a bike as a weapon, not all everyday human can do such stuff can we?

4. Groot 

We can never forget how “I am Groot” has changed our whole perspective about the movie, right? Now believe it or not Groot is one of the most powerful characters from the Marvel universe. Groot is a member of Guardians of the Galaxy and is a friend of Rocket Raccoon. The only thing that you will hear Groot speak is “I am Groot or we are Groot” but don’t let that deceive you, his most important asset is his strength. He can throw opponents like ragdolls and can extend his branches around to wrap something or the opponents, we say opponents because he can actually wrap many of them together. He can heal from injuries and light dark areas and can grow flowers on his body.

5. Aldrich Killian

Aldrich Killian

Okay, when we are talking about the most powerful characters it will not be fair if we do not include this particular villain from the 2013’s Iron Man 3. He was one of the most controversial villains. Killian had a faulty version of the Extremis formula, because of which his DNA got upgraded. He was one of those whose body did not reject the upgraded DNA and gave him inexplicable powers instead. Well, that’s probably a dream that we all have, don’t we? Killian had super amazing powers like he could breathe fire and he could heat up someone’s body to the extent that it could melt metal. Remember how he sliced Tony Stark’s armor?

6. Iron Monger

Iron Monger was pretty much like the Iron Man’s armor but bulkier and a crude version. It lacked the flexibility and agility of Stark’s suit. It possessed flight capabilities and had a targeting system as well.

7. Iron Man

We are pretty sure you were wondering all this time, why we did not take his name on the list yet, but here you are. Stark’s armor gives him enhanced strength, amazing durability and extremely fast and maneuverable flight capabilities. He has a sophisticated targeting system. Although, he is not on same level as Thor or Hulk but he still has his armor and that is one of the most amazing asset that he has.

8. Ant-Man


Initially when the movie came out we all got to know that he could shrink his size with the help of the armor but then in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War he had this ability plus he could also grow to gigantic levels which was awesome. He could probably manhandle most of the other superheroes and also pluck wings from airplanes, and kick buses like they were footballs.

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9. Abomination

One of the Villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe whom we would like to see more. Abomination could match up to Hulk’s strength for a brief period of time. He was given the Super Soldier Serum and the blood of the Hulk due to which he was able to tear through buildings easily.

10. Ultron

When it comes to Villains we cannot possibly go without mentioning Ultron. Ultron was huge and made out of the almost indestructible metal Vibranium. He was extremely strong, durable and was able to survive triple barrage blast from Iron Man, Thor and Vision. But what was his real strength you ask? It was the hive mind, electronic consciousness and his intelligence. He could hack into computers, control numerous drones and strategically make intricate plans.

11. Loki

Loki is an incredibly strong and durable character from the Marvel Universe plus he is a skilled fighter which makes him even more awesome and strong. He has the capability to take hits from Thor and Hulk. Honestly, speaking what makes Loki awesome is his cunning and magical abilities. He can easily manipulate people and make meticulous plans plus, the super amazing illusions that he can create are just way to cool, don’t you think?

12. Hulk

The list cannot be complete without mentioning Hulk. He is in fact the incredible giant. Although he is extremely strong but there is one drawback that we cannot do without mentioning is that his power and strength is one dimensional. However, we would love to see him more and his powers to be more versatile. His durability is amazing and he can take shots from Mjolnir and can survive building collapsing on top of him. He can kill Chitauri space whales, now you can probably fathom how strong the green character is right?

13. Scarlet Witch

Honestly, she deserves to be high on the list but when compared for the versatility of power she cannot compete with everyone. She can mess with people’s minds, she can fire powerful energy blasts, she can stop a train telekinetically from smashing through a town, she ripped out Ultron’s core and she can topple things just by using her mind.

14. Thor 

He is one character that we can never get over and how can we? He is a god after all! He possesses both strength and durability plus he has a wider range of powers to augment his power-set further. He can fight Thor, can fly, can control weather and at the very least he is the god of hammers (pun intended).

15. Vision


Without an ounce of doubt we know that Vision was one of the most powerful characters that Marvel universe had. His strength and durability came from Vibranium in his body and he had the infinity stone right on his head. Vision could fly, integrate with computers, fire incredibly powerful energy blasts, change his density, and generate synthetic material willfully. Theoretically, he should be able to control mind since he had the mind stone.

16. Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer has powers that allow him to absorb energy, manipulate matter, superhuman strength and power over the four forces of the Universe. He is so powerful that even Hulk needed help while defeating him on the planet Sakaar when he was under the control of the Obedience disk. He could hold his own against Galactus long enough as a distraction for the fantastic four to obtain the “Ultimate Nullifer”.

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17. Thanos

With the recent Avengers Infinity War, people have fallen in love with Thanos. He is one such villain whom you cannot hate, in fact you actually do understand his reasons for the actions that he carried out. He is the son of Eternals mentor and Sui-san and was born on Titan. While growing up Thanos became so obsessed with Mistress Death that he murdered his family for her. He is capable of augmenting his powers and strengths through mystical and artificial means which can surpass the most powerful eternals. The limits of his strengths are actually unknown. He has destroyed planets and if you remember he can snap his fingers and destroy multiverse not just that he can even throw moons on someone. But if we still have to name one of his superpowers the most amazing, we think his most dangerous weapon is his super intellect. He dedicated his life for the destruction of the universe.

Well, now that you know about most of them, who is your favorite?