11 Signs that Proof Arabs are The Richest People in The World

They say that money can’t buy you happiness. Well, try saying that to the Arabs. As the world drains its resources, the Arabs seem to get richer and they have tons of oil to thank for that.

Growing up in the United Arab Emirates made me witness, first hand, their lavish lifestyle—something that my younger and materialistic self envied at that time. Be it expensive ‘majlises’ of sheesha pipes, Arabians, compared to the rest of the world, spend more time enjoying than actually working.

This is not to say that the Arabs are lazy. In fact, these days, they are among the hardest working people. But there was once a time when most of them just sat on their oiled behinds and enjoyed the riches and lived on the hard work of immigrants.

However, growing awareness and the fact that oil won’t be around forever has got them running, but despite all that, they remain the richest people in the and here are 11 signs that show why…


1. Donating 1000 luxury cars to flood victims



Yes, you read that right. One would think that the thing that flood victims most desperately need is food or shelter, but not Prince Alwaleed. To him the idea of donating something as cheap as food and water or providing a roof over the heads of drowning people was too mainstream.

So what did he do instead? He donated 1000 luxury cars to Jeddah flood victims when they asked for donation. That’s grace of the highest divinity. I mean, it is not like people don’t need cars, especially when the roads are just too flooded to even drive.


2. More Prince Alwaleed


And just when you thought that he couldn’t be more extravagant, here is another incredible fact that proves your opinion so wrong.

People do so many things to keep themselves entertained, but no-one can top Prince Alwaleed here. No-freaking-one. The Arab prince has an entourage of dwarves who keep him amused and not only that; he regularly holds ‘midget tossing’ competition where the person who throws a midget furthest wins.

And so does Prince Alwaleed. At life. He wins at life.


3. Golden toilet


The common tradition of the world sees the father of a daughter giving gifts to the in-laws along with the hand of his daughter. Some of the most usual gifts are TV, fridge, washing machine, bed or gold chains, necklaces and so on.

However, King Abdullah of Saudi topped off everything else. And it wasn’t because he spends around a whopping $30 million for his daughter’s wedding. It was the fact that he actually gifted a GOLDEN TOILET SEAT to hold royal bowels.

Just imagine that.


4. Can’t get enough of Prince Alwaleed


Talk about a materialistic lifestyle living life to the fullest and Prince Alwaleed just tops everyone else in this whole world. If donating 1000 luxury cars and using midgets for entertainment purposes wasn’t enough, he owns the biggest and the most expensive private jet in the whole world.


5. ATMs that don’t ooze out money


All our lives, we have seen ATM booths provide people with money. Enter a card and a pin code and money pours out. Not at the ATM booth at the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi, though, for it is just too cheesy for the Arabs.

So, what do they provide? Gold. Gold Bars. Yup. We have seen nothing in our lives yet. Literally, nothing.


6. Sense pleasure

King Abdullah of Saudi

In the history of mankind, man has won many wars but almost always lost a battle against the  urges of the sense organs. And it was no different for King Abdullah of Saudi as he, according to reports, had about 30 wives and approximately 35 children and, to make things more flamboyant, used Viagra to derive maximum pleasure till the age of 92.

If Genghis Khan was alive, he would have been proud. Or perhaps envious.


7. Stadiums that resemble space stations


When more than 70% of the world is suffering from starvation, the best answer to that dilemma remains to make them forget their hunger through the glorious moments that football provides.

And Qatar showed their big and charitable hearts by spending over $4 billion to build new stadiums for the 2022 FIFA World Cup that would actually not even have flies in them after the World Cup is over. Now that is what we call great usage of money.


8. Prince Alwaleed at it again!


Having sports cars with customized graffiti and designs is just too mainstream for Arab royalty. Indeed, Prince Alwaleed owns cars made of gold and diamonds. Be it a sparkling Mercedes made of diamonds or a golden Ferrari, Arab royalty own the most expensive and luxurious cars in the whole world.


9. Palm Islands

Palm Islands

When all your country has for natural beauty are long deserts covered with miles of sands, you take the initiative to make natural beauty with money.

So, the UAE royalty decided to make islands on the coast of their lines and basically spent so much money on them that they almost finished their treasury. However, now these islands not only a tourist attraction, many celebrities including the likes of Bollywood prince Shah Rukh Khan actually own parts of these man-made beauties.


10. Disneyland graduation party

audi prince Fah Al-Saud

For commoners, throwing the hat in the air is how we celebrate our graduations. But Saudi prince Fah Al-Saud is no common man.

Right after he graduated, he booked segments of Disneyland in Paris for a weekend as a means of entertainment for 60 guests. If reports are to be believed, then he spent a whopping 19.5$ million just to celebrate being graduated.

God knows what he would have done had he earned a doctorate degree.


11. Flamboyant wedding


Weddings are very common. Expensive ones, too. However, what is not that common is building a STADIUM to accommodate 20000 people for a wedding.

But that is exactly what the then crown prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan did for his wedding with princess Salma. To top it off, the bride’s gifts were loaded on 20 camels that were covered in gold.