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15 Strangest Fish Ever Caught in the History of Mankind

With so many creatures and animals and fishes and what not present in the waters, there are an equal number of strange and weird ones that have come before the human eye when caught. There have been fishes and creatures which were unknown to mankind, only until one fine day they were caught by fishermen, and BAAM! That’s what brings us to a list of the strangest fish ever caught in the history of mankind.

Some are huge and harmless, while others are tiny and yet deadly. These are some of the strangest fish you’d ever hear about, and well, after having read about them, you’ll surely find these fishes strange for various reasons.

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#1. Stingray


Stingrays are a group of rays related to sharks. These cartilaginous fishes are one of the strangest fish in the way that they use the barbed stingers (one or more) on their tail as a method of self-defense. These are common in tropical and subtropical marine waters.

#2. Lamprey


This is one of a monster fish, supposedly, since it isn’t even confirmed whether it is a fish of some other creature all together. It has no backbone, and no jaws. All it has is a sucker with teeth, in the middle of which there is a tongue, which also, has teeth on it. To survive, they generally bore into the skin of other fishes and drink in their fluids.

#3. Giant Siamese Carp


Next on the list of strangest fish ever caught is the Giant Siamese Carp, and they are capable of growing up to over 200 pounds. These fishes have their mouth dropping downwards for they take things off the bottom.

#4. Hogfish


Mostly found in Florida and south Atlantic, the Hogfish is a rather colourful fish with a protruding snout, helpful for looking out for crustaceans found deep down in ocean water. Apart from looking super weird, the fish is also one of the rarest ones to be able to change its sex during their life cycle. It starts off as a female, only until it changes into a male after 3 years or so. These are as huge as 3 feets and wigh not more than 25 pounds.

# 5. Freshwater Drum


Also known as Basher in Guyana, this is one of the craziest fish for the grunting noise it produces under the water. This one is the second weirdest, after the voices created by Howler Monkeys. The voice it creates is similar to what we hear while water boiling in a kettle.

#6.  Saw Fish


Saw fish grow up to be as huge as 20 feet long; though never seen since they live in the oceans, they have sharply declined in number. There was a time when they were found in abundance, but since it is easy for these fishes to be caught up in the net, they tend to rather die soon and therefore, the decline.

#7. Giant Mottled Eel


These are interesting yet one of the bizarre fish species as they are capable of surviving in both fresh as well as salt waters, and keep migrating between the two. Despite living in the rivers, these are among the strangest fish ever caught since they go to the sea in order to breed.

#8. Queensland Grouper


These are yet another of the weirdest fish in the ocean since they are capable of changing their sex. These are rather the strangest fish seen than weirdest because of their ability to change sex.

#9 . Wels Catfish


These live in Europe and have a distinctive bite mark. Though their teeth are small, they are close and together and as they bite, they leave a slightly curved , bleeding mark of around maybe 10 inches.

They are highly protective of their nests, and if a person is going close to their nests, they tend to bite them as a warning. Doesn’t matter clear water or not, they only are concerned about protecting the nest.

#10. Longnose Gar


These are a rather ancient kind of fish and they only come up to the surface in order to gulp air down, which allows them to survive in the water which is otherwise poor in terms of oxygen. They have a mechanism of their own, which makes them a rather different kind of species since they are capable of living in conditions that other fishes can’t.

Though not harmful, a larger species of Gar, called the Alligator Gar, grow up to as much as 300 pounds and have been in the news for biting people as well.

#11.  Japanese Giant Salamander


These are yet another of the weirdest fish ever caught, and also among the rarest. They are super flexible and their bite would be a rather nasty one.

#12. Congo tiger Fish


Related to the piranha, this is one giant fish found in the central part of Congo river system only. These are strange since they are capable of growing up to the size of a human. Their teeth are long and extra sharp, as much as that of a1,000-pound great white shark.

#13. Golden Dorado


Yet another of the strangest fish, since despite having a scientific name of Salminus brasiliensis, these are in no way related to salmons. They are super powerful and have a large head with sharp teeth and strong jaws.

#14.  Redtail Fish


Generally found in the Amazon, these are exotic fishes. Their mouth and head are both huge and there have been stories of these fishes swallowing babies, courtesy the size of their mouth.

#15. Kaluga Sturgeon


These are those rarest fish which are now fished for caviar. These are found in the Amur River basin and are supposedly the largest freshwater fish in the world. They are among the biggest in the sturgeon family and are predatory. Almost extinct, the Kaluga are poached despite all the anti poaching patrols and campaigns.

And that is about it. The strangest fish you’d ever hear about and see! Some are just as normal or simply more than large when seen. It is, however, their behavioural patterns that make them strange!